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The emblem and motto of the college can speak volumes of the moral objectives behind them. The Emblem of the college represents and illustrates its objectives.

In the foreground is an open book on a reading stand, on both sides of which stand two women carrying lamps (Paavai Vilakku). The symbolic monuments of the three great religions of the World inform the background. There is a Temple, A church and a Mosque underlining the principle of the Religious Harmony, which is the need of the hour. The message conveyed by the emblem is two folded. One, the college provides the light of learning to women. Two, all the religions are recognized and respected impartially by the college community.

Thus, the emblem reflects the social commitment of the college towards religious harmony and towards imparting an education of high moral and social values.

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The Online classes for II year, III year students UG and II Year students of PG Programmes will be commenced on 03-08-2020 onwards.
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