Competitive Examinations Coaching Centre

  1. To motivate the students to participate in various competitive examinations.
  2. To build among students a sense of awareness, provide guidance, necessary literature and other information about various competitive examinations
  3. To prepare the students to face the challenges of the competitive examinations.
  4. To conduct career development seminars and workshops on Competitive examinations.
  5. To train the students with updated information.
Operating Authorities

Competitive Examinations Coaching Centre Coordinators and Principal.


  • Informations regarding the competitive examinations are often provided to the students through the whatsapp group and college notice board.
  • Powerpoints regarding aptitude and previous year question links are shared to the students through online mode.
  •  Reference books are provided through our college Library.
  • A separate log note is maintained to list out the programme organized and attendance of the students attending the programme


  • Mrs. P. Hameetha Begam
        Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. R.Kasthuri
         Assistant Professor of Economics

Report on Competitive Exam Coaching (2019-2022). Click here