Student Mentor System (SMS)


The mentors have to act on behalf of the college to support the young learners who are enrolled in a course of study. They act within an agreed range of confidentiality as a consultant, counsellor and cheerleader.


  • To help and co-ordinate with the students and monitoring their activities for their overall development.

Operating Members

  • Mentors nominated (Teachers), Class teachers, HOD’s, Vice principal and Principal.
  • Dr.V.Umamaheswari, Assistant Professor of English, Mrs.P.Kavitha, Assistant  Professor of Economics Dr.I.Jennathul Firthouse, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, were the Co-ordinators.

Guidelines of the Student Mentor System

  • The Mentor shall meet the group of students (mentee) at least twice a month to offer personal counselling.
  • The Mentor shall subsequently meet students after 1st and 2nd  semester examinations and discuss their performance and comfort level.
  • The mentor should establish a close rapport with their mentees.
  • The mentor shall note the performance of the students in tests and examinations.
  • The mentor must act on any complaint of misbehaviour by any student.
  • Mentor should be ready to help their mentee to overcome any problems (academic or social) in an advisory role and act as a responsible role model.
  • Students drop - out rates can be minimised, (apparently due to mentor’s intervention before a student falls short of attendance).
  • Slow learners can be identified through mentor and remedial classes can be arranged with the concerned subject teachers. Advanced learners can be identified and encouraged with incentive prizes.
  • Mentor should inform the parents to know about the performance and regularity of the wards.
  • To guide the students to choose right career path for job, higher studies, entrepreneurship etc.,
  • Each mentor shall maintain a student information record, which will be examined by the Principal and others concerned when necessary.
  • Mentor shall maintain a brief but clear record of all discussions with students.
  • Inculcating discipline, punctuality and motivation among the students is the main objective in career building of a student. 
  • A separate mentoring and counselling hour should be maintained to meet the students in the stipulated hour by consulting the operating authorities.
  • In isolated cases parents shall be called for counselling / special meeting with the principal at the suggestion of the mentor.
  • Mentor can keep contact with the students even after their graduation.

Procedure in Practice

  • A batch of students not exceeding10 is assigned to each faculty member, nominated by the principal as recommended by the concerned HODs.
  • Mentor can meet her wards to establish personal contact and keep a careful watch on their attendance and progress of their wards.
  • Procedures related to online mode arranging live meet through Zoom / Google meet for providing counselling.
  • Mentor should have a record of family details and address of their wards.
  • Both the Mentor and the class teacher should coordinate in monitoring the activities of the mentor.
  • Mentor is authorized to listen and solve the problems faced by the students on request, with the consultation of her class teacher, HOD and approval from the principal to sort out the issue.
  • Students should not contact the principal directly unless there is some grievance about the mentor / class teacher/ HOD etc or in case they could not resolve the issues.
  • Each mentor shall prepare a report of all the meetings conducted with their mentees and corresponding actions every month.
  • Each mentor shall submit the report every month to the principal and to the mentor co-ordinators.

Report on Student Mentor System (2022-2023). Click here

Report on Student Mentor System (2021-2022). Click here