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Follow the general instructions given below while entering and using library services:
  • Sign the register kept at the reception while entering in and leaving.
  • Perfect order and silence should be maintained in the library.
  • Keep your personal belongings like bag, files, over coat personal books, note books etc., at the property counter.
  • If the due date falls on a holiday for the library, the next working day will be taken as the due date.
  • If any book is lost or damaged beyond repair, the person who responsible shall replace it with a new copy or pay the cost of the double charge.
  • Books will not be issued to students on the account of the staff members.
  • The following conditions are to be followed for the renewal of books.
    •         The book has to be produced in the Library for renewal.
    •         More than one renewal will not be allowed.
  • The borrower will be responsible for any loss or non-return of any books issued against her account.
  • The books must be returned on the due date positively. If one fails to return the book on time, she will have to pay of fine of Rs.1/- per day per book.
  • Bringing any other books / articles inside the library is strictly prohibited.
  • Reference Books, Newspapers, Journals should not be taken out.
  • Bring loose sheets to take notes from books and journals.
  • Maintain the common dress code while you come to library for reading.
  • Wear your ID card always while entering the library.
  • Disclose the items carried by you at time of the entry & exit.
  • Get assistance from the library staff whenever you require.
  • Avoid scribbling in the library documents / tables in any form.
  • Marking, underlining and tearing pages are considered as violation and lead to disciplinary action.
  • Leave the books on the table after referring / reading.
  • Avoid keeping the books or journals in the racks after referring / reading.
  • During the students library hours, one faculty make should present in the library to watch students and keep the silent.
  • Avoid using mobile phone while in library.

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